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Team Building Assessment

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A quick and effective online assessment specifically designed for measuring competence
Team Building Assessment
Team Building Assessment
About Team Building Assessment:
Before any team event is planned it is crucial that leaders and managers understand exactly what the expected outcome of the team building event should be. Often the expectation really is to only have fun, but it is quite an expensive price to pay for many companies to organise team building events based on fun only. Generally the most powerful way to approach any team building event is to identify and assess the team on pre-selected competencies and thus obtain evidence of what approach to take with the team building event. Most team building events are organised reactively, meaning someone complained, or a pattern of negativity has been observed. This online assessment will go the length to identify exactly what that negative behaviour is all about. Focussed team building events are fun, effective and has longer lasting outcome.
At a Glance
Target Group: All teams wishing to go on a team building event. Total Questions: 30 Location: National (Head Office - Gauteng) Objectives Assessed: Building a Successful Team
Building Partnerships
Building Strategic Working Relationships
Building Trust
Facilitating Change
Gaining Commitment
Planning and Organizing
Meeting Leadership
Assessment Nature: Online (Paper-Based Optional) Location: Assessments can be done on-site or at our premises depending on level of moderation required.
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